Georgia Innovation Internships – Summer 2008

STIP sponsors a program of Innovation Internships for students at Georgia Tech and other universities seeking opportunities for hands-on experience linking science, technology, and innovation to economic development.

2008 Georgia Innovation Interns
Ogundiran Soumonni (Public Policy, PhD Program, Georgia Tech)
Patrick McKeon (School of Public Policy, MSPP Program, Georgia Tech)
Ashley Kirby (City and Regional Planning and School of Public Policy, Joint MCRP-MSPP Program, Georgia Tech)

Enterprise Innovation Institute, Georgia Tech
Georgia Power Company

Ogundiran Soumonni. “Lighting Energy Efficiency Potential in Georgia: A Technology and Policy Assessment” [PDF]
Patrick McKeon. “Nanotechnology Opportunities for Georgia” [PDF]
Ashley Rivera. “The Port of Brunswick: Economic Development Implications of Harbor Expansion.” [PDF]

Fresh Perspectives – 2008 Innovation Interns Presentations, September 10, 2008 [PDF]