Georgia Innovation Internships – Summer 2012

STIP sponsors a program of Innovation Internships for students at Georgia Tech and other universities seeking opportunities for hands-on experience linking science, technology, and innovation to economic development.

STIP Internship Students 2012

2012 Georgia Innovation Interns

Alison Pienta (City  and Regional Planning, Masters Program, Georgia Tech)

Daniel Cotter (City and Regional Planning, Masters Program, Georgia Tech)

Lyndsey Nott (School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech)

Shan Zhou (School of Public Policy, Masters Program, Georgia Tech)


  • Enterprise Innovation Institute, Georgia Tech
  • School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech
  • Georgia Power Company
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta


  • Alison Pienta – High-end Manual and Technical Workforce Strategies for Georgia’s Aerospace Industry [PDF]
  • Daniel Cotter – Putting Atlanta Back to Work: Integrating Light Industry into Mixed-use, Urban Development [PDF]
  • Lyndsey Nott – A Comparative Case Study of the Economic Competiveness of Film, Television, and Digital Media Tax Credit [PDF]
  • Shan Zhou – Smart Grid Deployment and its Economic Impacts on Georgia [PDF]