The STIP program would not be possible without the expertise of researchers in fields ranging from strategic technologies to advanced manufacturing and technology extension.  Find brief biographies and contact information of these researchers below. Also find below a list of STIP Alumni, including research associates and assistants and a list of STIP’s Georgia Innovation Interns from previous years.

Program Directors


Jan Youtie

STIP Director
Georgia Institute of Technology
Enterprise Innovation Institute
75 Fifth Street, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30308 USA

Work Phone: (404) 894-6111
Work Fax: (404) 894-1447
Work Email:

Jan Youtie, Ph.D. is Director of Policy Services with Georgia Tech’s Community, Policy, and Research Services division of the Enterprise Innovation Institute. She is an adjunct associate professor with Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy and co-founder of the program in Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy. She holds a doctorate in political science from Emory University.

Dr. Youtie’s research is focused on manufacturing competitiveness, technology-based economic development, emerging technology assessment (nanotechnology), and innovation and knowledge measurement.

She has been a principal investigator in studies sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Science Foundation, European Commission, United Nations Development Programme and the Economic Planning Unit of Malaysia, METI Japan (in association with the Mitsubishi Research Institute), Aspen Institute, Southern Technology Council, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Intellectual Capital Partnership Program of the University System of Georgia, Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education, Georgia Office of Planning and Budget. Dr. Youtie has been appointed to serve as a member of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Ninth Year Review Panel and the MEP evaluation working group. She served as a working group participant in the National Innovation Initiative of the US Council on Competitiveness. Dr. Youtie is a co-principal investigator with the Research and Innovation Systems Assessment component of the Center for Nanotechnology and Society (CNS-ASU).

Her research was awarded the Lang Rosen Gold Award for best article by the Journal of Technology Transfer, and also has appeared in Research Policy, Economic Development Quarterly, Technovation, International Journal of Foresight and Innovation Policy, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Research Evaluation, and Evaluation and Program Planning. She was recognized in 2014 as one of the Top 45 authors in technology and innovation management by the International Association of Management of Technology.

For Jan Youtie’s most recent publications (2007 – present), please visit
Also see Jan Youtie’s page on Google Scholar

Philip Shapira

Philip Shapira

STIP Director
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Public Policy
685 Cherry Street
Atlanta, GA 30332-0345 USA

Work Phone: (404) 894-7735
Work Fax: (404) 385-0504
Work Email:

Philip Shapira teaches and conducts research on technology and innovation processes and policy, economic and regional development, industrial competitiveness, and policy evaluation.

For Philip Shapira’s most recent publications (2007 – present), please visit
Also see Philip Shapira’s page on Google Scholar

Juan Rogers

Juan Rogers

STIP Director
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Public Policy
685 Cherry Street
Atlanta, GA 30332-0345 USA

Work Phone: (404) 894-6697
Work Fax: (404) 385-0504

Juan D. Rogers is Associate Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Research Value Mapping Program at the School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology. He teaches courses on science and technology policy, information management and policy, knowledge management, logic of policy inquiry, and bureaucracy and policy implementation.

His current research interests include modeling the R&D process, assessment of R&D impacts, especially in the formation of scientific and technical human capital, technology transfer, R&D policy and evaluation, the interaction of social and technical factors in the development of information technology, and information technology policy. Recent publications include: “Denying Public Value: The Role of the Public Sector in Accounts of the Development of the Internet,” Journal of Public Administration: Research and Theory, Vol. 14, pp. 371-393, 2004 (with Gordon Kingsley); “A Churn Model of Knowledge Value: Internet Researchers as a Knowledge Value Collective.” Research Policy Vol. 31, pp. 769-794, 2002 (with Barry Bozeman); “Knowledge Value Alliances: An Alternative Method to R&D Project Evaluation,” Science, Technology and Human Values Vol. 26, No. 1, pp. 23-55, Winter 2001 (with Barry Bozeman); “Software’s ‘Functional Coding’ and Personnel Mobility in Technology Transfer: Linkage Fields between Industry and Publicly Funded Research,” International Journal of Technology Management Vol. 22 No. 8, pp. 835-850, 2001; and “Science and the Politics of Internetworking: NSFNET in Internet History,” The Information Society, Vol. 14, No. 3, July-September 1998.

Professor Rogers received his Ph.D. in science and technology studies from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and an EE from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

For publications see Juan Rogers’ page in Google Scholar

Alan Porter

Alan Porter

STIP Director
Georgia Institute of Technology
ISYE and Public Policy (Emeritus)

Work Phone: (404) 894-2330
Work Fax: (404) 894-2301

Alan L. Porter is professor emeritus of the School of Public Policy, and of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE). His major concentration is technology forecasting and assessment. He received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Caltech (1967) and a PhD in Engineering Psychology from UCLA (1972). He served on the University of Washington faculty through 1974, joining Georgia Tech in 1975. He co-directs the Technology Policy and Assessment Center. He is also Director of R&D at Search Technology, Inc.Dr. Porter has taught workshops on Tech Mining and on Analysis of Emerging Technologies at Georgia Tech, various IBM locations, and in Mexico, South Africa, Botswana, Finland, and China.He has authored over 200 professional publications. Books include (as author or co-author, editor or co-editor):

– A Guidebook for Technology Assessment and Impact Analysis, 1980
– Science, Technology, and National Policy, 1981
– Interdisciplinary Analysis and Research, 1986
– Forecasting and Management of Technology, 1991 (2d edition in preparation, 2009).
– Tech Mining, 2005.

Current research focuses on text mining of Science & Technology information resources (research publications, awards, citations, and patents) [see also]. This informs Future-oriented Technology Analyses. Current NSF funding includes ongoing work on nanotechnology text data mining to help profile research areas and forecast emerging opportunities. A new NSF project is on “Measuring & Tracking Research Knowledge Integration.”

Alan Porter and Fred Rossini co-founded the International Association for Impact Assessment. Alan served it variously as editor of the Impact Assessment Bulletin, Secretary, Executive Director, and President (1995-96).

For publications see Alan Porter’s page in Google Scholar

Senior Researchers

headshot-hicksDiana Hicks

STIP Senior Research Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Public Policy
D.M. Smith Building 312
685 Cherry Street
Atlanta GA 30332-0345 USA

Work Phone: (404) 385-6015
Work Fax: (404) 385-0504

Diana Hicks is Professor of the School of Public Policy, Georgia Tech. Hicks specializes in science and technology policy as well as in innovative use of large databases of patents and papers to address questions of broad interest at the intersection of science and technology. Her recent work focuses on the challenges of bibliometric analysis in the social sciences and humanities as well as on patterns of concentration of research resources. She has published extensively on issues at the interface between science and technology, examining quantitative evidence of the evolving character of the research system and its relationship to innovation in the US; establishing that high quality scientific research has a high impact on technology; examining why companies undertake basic research; and being the first to argue that the accepted view of Japanese university-industry links as weak is not entirely accurate. She has also published critiques and reflections on the methodology of bibliometric analysis. Her work has appeared in such journals as: Policy Sciences, Social Studies of Science, Nature, Research Policy, Science and Public Policy, Research Evaluation, Research Technology Management, R&D Management, Scientometrics, Revue Economique Industrielle, Science Technology and Human Values, Industrial and Corporate Change, Japan Journal for Science, Technology and Society. She has conducted quantitative assessments and served as a consultant for the European Science Foundation, Advanced Technology Program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the American Cancer Society, the Council for Chemical Research, the Department of Energy, the heads of the UK Research Councils, the Japanese National Institute for Science and Technology Policy, the National Science Foundation, the Small Business Administration, and The Royal Society in the UK.

Marilyn Brown

Marilyn Brown

STIP Senior Research Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Public Policy
D.M. Smith Building 312
685 Cherry Street
Atlanta GA 30332-0345 USA

Work Phone: (404) 385-0303
Work Fax: (404) 385-0504

Marilyn A. Brown joined Georgia Tech in 2006 after a distinguished career at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. At ORNL, she led several national scenario studies of climate change technology and policy options and held various leadership positions. Her current research addresses the development and deployment of sustainable energy technologies, the design of policy options to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the evaluation of energy programs and policies . At Georgia Tech, her research projects have included an assessment of the $3 billion/year multi-agency R&D portfolio comprising the U.S. Climate Change Technology Program, analysis of the geography of metropolitan carbon footprints, development of a national climate change technology deployment strategy, and an assessment of the cost and availability of supply- and demand-side electricity resources in the Southeast.

Recognizing the need for policy innovations to promote sustainable energy solutions, Dr. Brown teaches Georgia Tech courses on Energy Policy and Technology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as a policy analysis capstone course for Masters students. Dr. Brown has authored more than 200 publications including a recently published book on Energy and American Society: Thirteen Myths and two special issues of energy journals. Her work has appeared in numerous venues including Science; Energy Policy; The Electricity Journal; Energy Efficiency, Annual Review of Energy and Environment; the Journal of Technology Transfer; Technology in Society; and Environment and Planning. She has contributed chapters to more than a dozen books.Check out the School of Public Policy’s Working Paper series for some of her most recent writings.Dr. Brown has also provided testimonies and Congressional briefings to Committees of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U. S. Senate, and to numerous state agencies. In addition to informing national leaders about energy policy, she is also the author of Georgia Tech’s quarterly energy sustainability index, the EnergyBuzz. Recent presentations and media interactions have included talks at meetings of the Council of State Government, National League of Cities, and the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development, along with various webcasts.

Dr. Brown serves on the board of directors of the Alliance to Save Energy, the Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. She is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Technology Transfer and is a member of the National Commission on Energy Policy. Among her honors and awards, Dr. Brown is a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Brown’s recent service to Federal Agencies includes participation on DOE review committees and the National Academies’ Board on Energy and Environmental Systems. In late 2008 she was appointed (from more than 1,000 nominees) to the National Academies’ Committee on America’s Climate Choices. She also participates on numerous advisory committees to universities and foundations across the country. At Georgia Tech, Dr. Brown collaborates with the Strategic Energy Institute, the Sloan Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies, and the Enterprise Innovation Institute ‘s Science and Technology Innovation Program as the Director of Sustainability. She is also a Distinguished Visiting Scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and a Certified Energy Manager.

AlfieAlfie Meek

STIP Senior Research Fellow
Georgia Institute of Technology
Enterprise Innovation Institute EI²
685 Cherry Street
Atlanta, GA 30332-0345 USA

Work Phone: (404) 385-1340
Work Fax: (404) 894-1447
Work Email:

Alfie Meek, PhD. is the Director of the Center for Economic Development Research team with Georgia Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute (EI²). Prior to joining EI², Alfie worked as the Director of the Economic Analysis Division for Gwinnett County where he oversaw the county’s economic development program as well as its forecasting and research efforts. Two years ago, Alfie played a significant role in one of Georgia’s largest economic development successes – the move of Fortune 500 corporation NCR to Georgia. He also was involved in the relocation of the Gwinnett Braves and was key to the attraction of high-tech companies such as Hewlett-Packard and Advanced Micro Devices.Dr. Meek has previously worked as the director of applied research at the University of Georgia’s Small Business Development Center, as an economist and project director with Georgia Tech’s former Center for Economic Development Services, as a research economist for SunTrust Banks, Inc., and as a budget analyst for IBM. He earned his doctoral degree in agricultural economics from The University of Georgia, a master’s degree in business economics from Georgia State University, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgia Tech. He is a Certified Community Researcher (CCR), former president of the Atlanta Economics Club, a member of the National Association for Business Economics, and the Georgia Economic Developers Association.

Program Manager

Lynn Willingham

Program Manager
Georgia Institute of Technology
Enterprise Innovation Institute
75 Fifth Street, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30308

Work Phone: 404-894-0730
Work Fax: 404-894-8194
Work Email:

STIP Graduate Students and Researchers

seokbeomkwonSeokbeom Kwon analyzes emerging technologies through measurement of patent specialization and diversity.
woo-photoSeokkyun Joshua Woo analyzes international university research ventures, with a focus on Asian ventures.
Alexandria Hopkins | BS Public Policy
Sarah Offner | BS Public Policy
Serhat Burmaoglu | Visiting Professor | Izmir Katip Celebi University
Zhinan Wang | Visiting Graduate Researcher | Beijing Institute of Technology
Xiaoyu Liu | Visiting Graduate Researcher | Beijing Institute of Technology

STIP Research and Policy Associates

Stephen Carley | Search Technology

Todd Greene | Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

Luciano Kay | University of California at Santa Barbara (STIP Post-Doc 2011-2012)

Andrea Fernandez-Ribas | STIP Research Fellow 2005-2009

Evgeny Klochikhin | American Institutes for Research

Li Tang | Fudan University (STIP Post-Doc 2011-2012)

Jue Wang | Nanyang Technological University (STIP Post-Doc 2007-2008)

Nils Newman | Search Technology and IISC

Ismael Rafols | INGENIO, Universitat Politecnica de Valencia; Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex

Ronald Kostoff | STIP Research Fellow

STIP Faculty Associates

Julia Melkers | Public Policy

Marco Ceccagnoli | Management

Jennifer Clark | Public Policy

Bill Drummond | City Planning

Mary Frank Fox | Public Policy

Ronald N. Kostoff | Public Policy (formerly Office of Naval Research)

Usha Nair-Reichert | Economics

Christine Ries | Economics

David Rosen | Mechanical Engineering

Mark Zachary Taylor | International Affairs

Valerie Thomas | ISYE and Public Policy

STIP Alumni

Visiting Research Associates (Alumni)

Sabrina Woltmann | Technical University of Denmark | 2017

Samira Ranaei | Lappeenranta University of Technology | 2016-2017

Haoshu Peng | Chinese Academy of Science | 2015-2017

Jianhua Liu | Chinese Academy of Science | 2015-2016

Ying Huang | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2014-2015

Xuefeng Wang | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2015

Jannik Schuehle | Karlsruhe Institute of Technology | 2015

Daniele Rotolo | University of Sussex | 2014-2015

Jing Ma | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2013-2014

Xiao Zhou | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2012-2013

Arho Suominen | University of Turku | 2012, 2016-7

Yi Zhang | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2011-2012

Wei Fan | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2011-2012

Zhengyin Hu | Chinese Academy of Science | 2011-2012

Tingting Ma | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2010-2011

Wenping Wang | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2010-2011

Lidan Gao | Chinese Academy of Science | 2010-2011

Ruimin Pei | Chinese Academy of Science | 2009-2010

Xuanting Ye | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2009-2010

Ying Guo | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2008-2009

Lu Huang | Beijing Institute of Technology | 2008-2009

Heming Zhang | Nankai University | 2007-2008 | China Research Council Fellow

Ranier Frietsch | Fraunhofer ISI | Fall 2007

Shannon Barker | Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne | 2007

Stephen Roper | Aston University | Fall 2006

Juan Noguera | University of Valencia, Spain | 2005

Research Assistants (Alumni)

Yin Li | PhD Public Policy | 2012-2017

Sergey Kolesnikov | MS Public Policy | 2016-2017

Chai-Wei Wang | BS Computational Media | 2016-2017

Michael Wang  | BS Computer Science | 2017

Joshua Jacob | BS International Affairs | 2015-2016

Sahra Jabbehdari | BS/MS Public Policy | 2013-2015

Sanjay Arora | PhD Public Policy | 2010-2014

JJ O’Brien | BS Public Policy | 2012-2014

Stephen Carley | PhD Public Policy | 2008-2013

Travis Horsley | MS Public Policy | 2011-2012

Shawn Skolky | BS Public Policy | 2011-2012

Luciano Kay | PhD Public Policy | 2008-2011

Li Tang | PhD Public Policy | 2008-2011

Laura Rodriguez | BS INTA | 2010-2011

Audrey Campbell | BS ISYE | 2010

Annie Bidgood | BS ISYE | 2009-2010

Reynold Galope | Joint GT-GSU PhD Public Policy | 2008-2010

Vrishali Subramanian | PhD Public Policy | 2008-2009

John Garner | BS CS | 2008-2009

Harmeet Singh Gandhi | MS Quant Finance (’09) | 2008-2009

Hari Naraynanan | MS Quant Finance | 2008-2009

Brian Lynch | BS Public Policy (’08) | 2006-2008

Ronak Kamdar | MS IE (’08)

Yi Meng | PhD Public Policy | Summer 2008 GRA

Gordon Cutler | BS Computer Science | Summer 2008 UGA

Ashley Rivera | MSPP Public Policy and MCRP | 2007-2008

Jue Wang | PhD Public Policy (’07) | 2003-2008

Clay Karwisch | BSPP Public Policy | 2007-2008

Sophia Randhawa MS Quant Finance | 2007-2008

Pratik Mehta | MS Quant Finance (’07) | 2006-2007

Alexa Stephens | MSPP and MCRP (’07) | 2006-2007

Taner Osman | PhD Public Policy | 2006-2007

Erin Lamos | MSPP Public Policy (’07)| 2006-2007

Sharyn Finney | BSPP Public Policy (’07) | 2006-2007

Luke McCloud | BSPP Public Policy (’07) | 2006-2007

John Slanina | MSPP Public Policy (’05) | 2005-2006

Jingjing Zhang | PhD Public Policy (’06) | 2006

Nooshin Ahangar-Mahalia | MSPP Public Policy | 2005

Ajay Bhaskarabhatla | MSPP Public Policy (’06) | 2004-2006

Uttam Malani | ISYE | 2005

Georgia Innovation Interns


Jessica Fisch | PhD, City and Regional planning

Nathaniel Horadam | MS, City and Regional Planning

Revathi Roopini Veriah | Masters, Public Policy and City and Regional Planning


Dorraine Duncan | MS, Public Policy

Saudnya Patel | MS, Economics

Renee Shelby | PhD, History and Sociology


Rebecca Watts Hull | PhD, History and Sociology

Eric Van Holm | PhD, Public Policy Georgia State-Georgia Tech


Ben Kraft | PhD, City and Regional Planning

Soheil Shayegh | PhD, Industrial Engineering, Economic Decision Analysis

Eric Van Holm | PhD, Public Policy Georgia State-Georgia Tech


Jonathan Law | PhD City and Regional Planning

Johann Weber | PhD Public Policy

Jesse Zaro-Moore | MS City and Regional Planning


Daniel Cotter | MS City and Regional Planning

Lyndsey Nott | MS Public Policy

Alison Pienta | MS City and Regional Planning

Shan Zhou | PhD Public Policy


Ben Deitchman | PhD Public Policy

Deji Fajebe | PhD International Affairs

Nettrice Gaskins | PhD Digital Media

Mary Richardson | MS City and Regional Planning


Thema Monroe-White | PhD Public Policy

Hsini Huang | PhD Public Policy

Dong Gu Choi | PhD Industrial and Systems Engineering

Kia Ball | MS City and Regional Planning


Stephen Carley | PhD Public Policy

Jennifer Chirico | PhD Public Policy

Rahul Jain | MCRP City and Regional Planning

Shanshan Zou | MS School of Economics


Ashley Rivera | MSPP and MCRP Public Policy

Ogundiran Soumonni | PhD Public Policy

Rick McKeon | MSPP Public Policy


Steven Simms | MCRP City Planning

Nathan Moon | PhD History, Technology, and Society

Taner Osman | PhD Public Policy


Mark Farmer | MSPP Public Policy

Miguel Granier | MCRP City Planning

John Kim | MCRP City Planning

Kenwin Hayes | MCRP City Planning

Alexa Stephens | MSPP Public Policy / MCRP City Planning


Jonas Titas | MCRP City Planning

Phaedra Tucker | MSPP Public Policy

Wenbin Xiao | PhD Public Policy Georgia State-Georgia Tech