Product and Services Innovation in SMEs

Project Title Product and Services Innovation in SMEs
Overview This study examines innovation in product and services in established small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMEs). Elements of the study include a literature review of innovation models and concepts, analysis of case studies of innovation in SMEs, and a summary review of international research on product and services innovation, including the contribution of innovation surveys. Guiding principles and recommendations are offered for the support of innovation in SMEs by MEP and other business assistance services.This study is undertaken as a collaborative effort by SRI International and Georgia Tech STIP.
Status Completed (June 2006)
Sponsors U.S. Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST)
SRI International
Task Ordering Contract SB 1341-03-Z-0014
Project Staff Sushanta Mohapatra (SRI)
David Cheney (SRI)
Philip Shapira (GT STIP)
Jan Youtie (GT STIP)
Erin Lamos (GT STIP)
Ajay Bhaskarabhatla (GT STIP)
Contact STIP Contacts
Publication Product and Services Innovation, Final Report, June 2006. [See: Publications]
Updated July 18, 2006